In the United States, we’re being hammered every day with political noise. He said this. Now, there’s a ‘she’ who said this as well. Which is good news for the culture of America – that there is widespread acceptance of a female candidate.

Now I’m not saying that just because a person is a certain gender or creed, that this should be a ticket to the job.

That’s a silly idea. If that were the case, then let’s just make a list of the most popular (or perhaps least popular) minorities, and then we’ll pick a candidate based on racism.

That aside, there’s been an interesting strategy employed over the course of this year’s Presidential election.

Take him out at the legs. reported on this from one perspective. But what about politics? We can attack someone’s trust. More so, how much people can trust them.

Especially, if you can make someone seem careless, or even non-serious about things, then that may totally disqualify a candidate.

You can see this attack forming from some central place, and then branching out. It’s clearly in play as a Democrat strategy. You see celebrities like Matt Damon preaching it from his heart. You can see it all over the news. And other politicians are hoping on board as well.

What’s interesting is that we can learn more about this topic of relationship building, or how that understanding can be used to sabotage a relationship from Relationship Experts like this one how to know he not serious about you.

What do you think? Is this strategy effective? Is it actually working? Or is there enough alternate news, and is the strategy not being carried out well enough to seem natural?