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Are Bath Salts Safe For Your Towels?

There’s more to taking a bath than cleanliness. People also take baths to relax and to wick away stress and worries. As a matter of fact, modern showers are in the top of preferences, as they enable us to clean ourselves without having to wait for the tub to fill. This is how it comes that most people enjoy their baths solely for relaxation purposes. This is also why many of them prefer to add some Epsom salts to their baths. They help increasing the magnesium levels in the body, thus being the perfect addition to a relaxing bath.

The only issue is whether bath salts are safe for towels or not. If the price of taking such relaxing baths is the yearly replacement of all towels, you may not be so happy about making this a permanent habit. On the contrary, if salts have nothing to do with the wear and tear of your towels, you won’t have to spend more money than the amount needed to purchase your salts.


While most towels should be safe, you have to be aware that the effects of the salts on the tissue depends on the quality of your towels. Cheaper fabrics may be affected, so you may notice that the colors of your bath towels are fading away with each and every wash. High quality towels, however, should be safe, so you won’t have to worry about needing to replace them too often.

Anyway, nothing stops you from taking a shower after your bath. This would allow you wash away all the salts from your skin, so your towels are surely going to be safe. If you prefer to allow these salts dry on your body, you’d better make sure you use the same towel for a while. This would enable you to observe any negative effect, so all your other towels would be safe. If you don’t notice anything, you can start using all your towels, as they aren’t going to be affected by the bath salts.

The effect of these salts on your bath towels may also be influenced by their nature. some salts are more aggressive than others, so you have to do some research before buying this type of products. Usually, manufacturers should be able to provide you such information. If not, you can ask a shop assistant to help you find out everything you want to know about the bath salts you intend to buy. Some of them are probably safe, while others would contribute to the premature wear and tear of your towels.

This article sums up the right approach to this kind of problems. You can always decide to relax in a nice, warm and welcoming tub filled up with water, foam and salts, as it can only make you feel better. However, if you worry so much about your towels, you should simply take a shower to wash off the salts once you’re done with your relaxation routine.

Let’s Make and Sell Bath Salts As A Business

Getting started and now you want to make this a real business? The biggest thing I hear is how much should I sell my bath salts for.

Well first make sure that you read what I shared above. Then consider the following.

  1. Where will you be selling – consider the location. Are you wanting to sell online in a shop, on Facebook, at a local event. This will really influence how you price.
  2. How much – What quantity of product will you be selling.
  3. Popular scents – popular scents seem to be easier to sell then the strange, unique ones. So consider this as well.

Let’s Make Bath Salts The Correct Way

If you’re wanting to make bath salts for yourself, or friends, family, or even to sell, then you’ll want to make sure you get a few things right. First is the scent. Nobody likes a stinky fragrance, so make sure you don’t overdo it. If anything go small on smell to start before you get the hang of things.

Second, you’ll want to make sure that you’ve read up on baking soda and getting this right. Here’s a resource to help you: how much baking soda in bath salts